zoe mowat

split mirror




The Split Mirror was designed with the Japanese concept of Ma in mind, which expresses the importance of a pause, a gap, or of the negative space within a space — as being equally significant to a whole. The mirror frame is made up of two wooden halves that are separated by a break or pause that allows the eye to contemplate the space in between. The Split Mirror is is available in two sizes that can be flipped and installed either vertically or horizontally. 

The mirror series was designed for the new Japanese brand, Ariake, during an intensive design workshop in the small town of Morodomi in Southern Japan. Organized by Gabriel Tan, the week-long workshop included Norm Architects (Denmark), Anderssen & Voll (Norway), Staffan Holm (Sweden), Keji Ashizawa (Japan), Shin Azumi (Japan), AnnerPerrin (Switzerland), Sebastian Stadler (Switzerland), as well as Zoë Mowat Design.

Available through Ariake and online at the Finnish Design Shop

Clients in Europe, please contact Roam; in North America, please contact Gestalt New York

Solid oak and mirror glass — option of a natural, Indigo ink, Sumi ink, or red dyed finish   2017

Ø 15  x  1  inches — small

Ø 21  x  1  inches — large

photos by Sebastian Stadler


with Column Chest by Gabriel Tan for Ariake

with Column Chest by Gabriel Tan and Dovetail Stool by Staffan Holm for Ariake

with Column Chest by Gabriel Tan and Dovetail Stool by Staffan Holm for Ariake