zoe mowat
Soft table.jpg

early work




Soft table is a bold little table. It’s unique combination of color and material ensure that it’s presence is felt in any environment.

birch plywood, felt, paint

28 (w) x 40 (d) x 20 (h) inches   2007




Inspired by simple childhood building blocks, the Stack Lamp engages its owner to pile, arrange and reposition the various forms as desired. Turned wood, felt, steel and rich bursts of color are layered upon a central rod, and topped by a blown glass shade. The Stack Lamp invites the owner to be a part of the creative process of assembling texture and shape to create unique configurations. The endless possible variations allow the lamp to be as individual as the owner. The dynamic series of Stack lamps includes pendant, desk and floor models.

turned walnut and oak, steel, felt, blown glass

22 Ø  x 70 (h) inches   2009




The Stack Table Lamp is the newest member of the Stack series. A distant cousin of the Stack Lamp, this sculptural table lamp is comprised of shapes, textures, colours and materials that recall simple childhood building blocks. The layers of hand-turned wood forms, wool felt, bronze and hand-blown glass can be re-arranged as desired.

turned oak, walnut, maple, bronze, felt, hand blown glass

13 Ø x 22 (h)  inches    2011




The Stratus Pendant Lamp hovers over a space like a large, low-lying cloud. Distinct layers of hard materials – pine, walnut and bronze – contrast with the gray industrial wool felt that forms the pendant’s unusual shade.  Nearly two feet in diameter, the large felt dome emits a soft ambient light when suspended.

pine, industrial felt, walnut, bronze, steel

23 Ø x 19 (h) inches    2011




Contain is a distinctive writing desk designed to adapt and grow with its user for many years. Contain is available in two sizes, and the desk’s solid wood surface can accommodate any desired writing device, from laptops and typewriters to traditional pads of paper. The surface’s milled compartments recall the pencil channels and inkwell grooves of old elementary school desks. These sculpted spaces provide organized or hidden homes for your favourite writing tools.

cherry, plywood, felt, paint

40 (w) x 20 (d) x 28 (h) inches, 33 (w) x 18 (d) x 28 (h) inches  2007 / 2011