zoe mowat

rung rack




The Rung Rack is a simple folding storage rack that references the rungs or crossbars of a ladder’s step. The piece was designed for Furnishing Utopia, a group exhibition of works by over a dozen international designers that explore and reinterpret early American Shaker furniture, objects, and philosophy. Inspired by the lines of an original apple picking ladder made by the Shakers and found at the Hancock Shaker Village archives, the versatile piece is ideal as a clothing rack, a room divider, or a simple store-all for textiles and magazines.  

The ends of the ash dowels are notched to form additional hooks and the numerous crossbars provide ample surface for draping storage. The central pivot allows the rack to sit open at various spans, including fully extended to lean flat against a wall, or folded completely closed for storage. However, the Rung Rack takes a cue from the Shaker approach to objects in the home and is designed to be on view, close at hand, and not hidden away.  

Ash   2017

30 — 60 (w)  x  4 1/2 (d)  x  53 (h) inches 


photos by Julie Langenegger Lachance

brush study-10-zoemowat.jpg