zoe mowat

Anti-stress objects




The Anti-Stress series is a collection of tactile sculptural objects designed with the intention to relieve stress and help individuals connect to the physical world. The objects were designed for Wallpaper Handmade’s 2018 edition, which explored the concept of Wellness and Wonder. Those with anxiety and stress often benefit from connecting with a grounding object that can direct their focus to the here and now. The series includes a textured marble foot massager that gently rocks back and forth to relax tired feet, as well as a solid marble ‘stress cube’ with a different milled texture on each surface that can help relieve tension on various pressure points on the body or provide a landing-place for fidgety hands.

Produced by Casone and available in limited edition through the Wallpaper Store


Marble, granite 2018

18 (w)  x  4 (d)  x  3.5 (h) inches / 450 (w) x 100 (d) x 88 (h) mm

3 (w)  x  3 (d)  x  3 (h) inches / 80 (w) x 80 (d) x 80 (h) mm

photos by Baker & Evans + Jovian Lim, courtesy of Wallpaper Magazine

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